Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Pond

Wes requested that I post the most recent pic of our pond- his pride and joy!

He has worked extremely hard on keeping it clean, keeping the koi alive and just added the lilly pad and frog figurine. He hopes to add a fountain in the back right corner someday.

Beth's Bridal Shower

Here are some pics of Beth's bridal shower at our house!!

There was FANTASTIC food with flawless presentation (of course, LOL)...

Lots of socializing...

Plentiful champagne cocktails (mom's signature recipe)...

Gift opening and games!!


It was fun and I think Beth and her family and friends had a great time! : )

Me and Boo Making Her Album

We went to see Boo for my dad's birthday in May and I decided it would be great to put together an album for her (and a copy for myself) with some favorites out of the thousands I've taken during the first 4 years of her life!!!

I chose the pictures for the album (she helped) and we assembled it together! It was a lot of fun and India loved it!!

Afterwards we layed down exhausted and played a little dress-up! : )

River Oaks Clay Court Championship 2009

This was our first Clay Court Tourney and it was so much fun!! Even though we missed like the entire first match I think enjoying our wine just girls while the guys watched.

We sat nice and close to the action in some cozy members' boxes. Hazel & Ismar came with us as well as my mom. My mom is a HUGE tennis fan and was SOOO excited about coming!

We probably most enjoyed HOT Lleyton Hewitt above and SEXY Brian brothers below!!! : P

Our First Aero's Game

Here are some pics from our first Aero's game! It was fun! Exciting to see the guys run into each other and push each other up against the glass! We all should go next season! : )

Saturday, February 28, 2009

My new haircut

So, here's the unveiling LOL. New hair. Went back to brown and cut it short (as you can see). I like it. It's easy and fun. It's different for sure. It's taken some getting used to. Everyone seems to like it. I don't think it's long term though. I like the color a lot. Hopefully I won't have to color much anymore or at all.